2005 Capital City Purchasing Services Inc.

 Our Experiences

Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Projects

  • Oct 04-Aug 05, Yukon River Bridge at Dawson City-RFQ, RFP, Evaluation Handbook and input on Agreement

  • May 04-Aug 04, Okanagan Lake Bridge - Evaluation Handbook


Complex Acquisitions Projects

  • Apr 07-Aug 08, Leading Edge Website Solutions & Services- procurement strategy, RFQ and Handbook

  • July 07-July 08, Case Tracking System - RFQ, RFP, Evaluation Handbooks, and Contract

  • Jan 05-Sept 05, Yukon Mobile Communications Solutions - RFQ, RFP, Handbook and input on Agreement


Change Management Projects

  • Apr 02-Apr 03, Mobile Equipment Services - Materials Management Project - Supply Mgmt. Team Rep.

  • Jan 98-Dec 98, City'97 Project - Purchasing Process Leader

Consulting Projects

  • May 07-May 08, Standard Procurement Documents Update Project

  • Mar 06-Dec 06, Review of Use of RFP Process for Settlement and Language Services

  • Oct 05-Feb 06, Procurement Document Standardization Project